ROBOMATIC is designed to work on its own, without requiring human intervention. We call it a sure way of maximizing outputs and value of business. Its as simple as plan a rough diamond in planner and get it cut automatically in SMART laser system without any kind of human hindrance.

Compatible with

Lazer NXT

Robomatic, Robots, Automation


Undertake batch diamond cutting operation for up to 200 stones and let the ROBOT take care of the rest.

SMART automation results into no human intervention, again maximizing outputs. The machines are their own master and literally can work by itself without needing any human checks. Yes, one operator can operate minimum 5 machines at a single stretch.

ROBOT performs an entire process from rough stone placing to setting to cutting to picking up and placing new one without any kind of human hindrance with maximum possible accuracy and pace. So ultimately as there is no human interaction you can say NO TO HUMAN ERRORS.

ROBOT is developed to work endlessly to match up the endless theme of production and accuracy. It can work 365 days for you with consistently highest accuracy level and optimum production. Absolutely extremely high Up-Time.

With its array of multi functionality and advantages, ROBOT simply prove the best value for money decision for the diamond processing business and that in extremely eye opener affordable price.

Choose Your ROBOT

Robot Robomatic Robo4P Robocent
Automatic Cutting Data
Automatic Centering
Automatic Cutting Marking Detection
Process Completion Acknowledgement
Automatic Process Skip
Rough Diamond Pick & Place
Full Automation