Who We Are?

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STPL 3D Printing aims to bring this revolutionary technology to your door step at an affordable rate.

STPL 3D Printing pioneers in rapid prototyping & additive manufacturing services. With great proficiency in the 3D printing technology, STPL 3D Printing wishes to pursue the path innovation, technical finesse and customer satisfaction.

STPL 3D Printing, a Brand of STPL (Sahajanand Technology Private Limited), Surat, Gujarat is also regarded as a trendsetter in the global diamond industry, STPL sets new standards with each of its new offerings and now brings to you the same expertise to the 3D printing domain.

Add dimensions to your dream in three simple steps.

1. Shape Your Ideas

Develop your 3D Design in .STL format.

2. Model Generation

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3. We Make And Deliver

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Why 3D Printing?

In a short span 3D printing presented a wide variety of opportunities ranging from engineering companies, manufacturing units, design studious to medical & healthcare industry.

Technology is specifically seen as a cutting edge in quick prototyping by engineering firms. The pursuit of complex & lightweight structures is some of the biggest factors for the adoption of 3D printing not only for prototyping but for final part production as well.

Our Services

Rapid Prototyping

Recreation of new prototypes from existing designs and bettering them with profitable inputs. With easy access to design verification that matches reality, You can rely on quick response and consistent support from our end.


Additive Manufacturing increase both the productivity of the tools and the product quality. STPL 3D Printing allows you to produce jigs, fixtures and tool masters and low volume production tooling.

Mold Making

Complicated, time-consuming and often requiring expensive outsourcing, but with 3D Printing, molding can look quite different. Create molds with complex shapes and superior durability in minimum time.

Reverse Engineering

3D technologies are enhancing not only the ability to create something new but also to reverse engineer those products that already exist.

End Use Parts

Work on the customized needs of your customers and produce on-demand models. STPL 3D Printing gives you end-to-end freedom in creating products that are ready to serve an initial purpose.

Mock Ups

With STPL 3D Printing and with 3D technology you can actually discover that producing complex multi part models doesn't have to be time-consuming and requires manual effort. Instead, you can produce an exact design without paying extra for intricate elements.

Functional Testing

STPL 3D Printing believes that the quality of the product is not only about the visual impact and dimensions, it’s also about the durability, strength, and resistance that make the models perform well during the testing phase.

Low Volume Productions

3D printing doesn't impose limits on the number of prototypes you can print. Before you decide to produce your product on a large scale, run a thorough testing to reduce the risk connected with the product launch.

Case Study

3D printing has seen applications at places where you would least expect it. We at STPL 3D printing were introduced to local artisans who wanted the pinnacle of a temple, known as a kalash designed in...

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We were approached by a local brass manufacturer who wanted to sand cast a 5-foot tall lion statue from a one-foot sample that he provided us which he wanted to use for religious purposes...

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With 3D printing from STPL-STPL 3D Printing, we managed to do the entire pattern casting mould in a fraction of time and cost as against conventional methods. In the case this PLA (Polylactic Acid) Polymer pattern...

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3D Bioprinting

An audacious experiment has been carried out. NASA contractor TechShot along with 3D bioprinter developer...

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3D Printing Jetpack

A student from the Loughborough University in the UK has now made it possible to glide underwater...

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3D Printing Orthoses

For people born with permanent movement disorders like Cerebral Palsy living a normal life....

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3D Printing Clothing

3D printing technology is slowly embracing all aspects of our lives, be it making vehicles...

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3D Printing Dentures

Researchers at the University of Buffalo have 3D printed dentures which can be used to deliver ...

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3D Printing Metal

The debate to choose between Investment casting and Metal 3D printing/Additive Manufacturing...

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3D Printing Neche

The applications for 3D printing are endless. Architects, engineers, designers, artists, chefs...

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3D Printing

Imagining, Designing, Developing and producing a 3-Dimensional prototype of any product before...

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