ROBOTCUT is a skilfully SMART way of performing diamond sawing process by adapting a path-breaking robotic revolution. ROBOCUT, basically performs an entire stone setting process including automatic banding process within fraction of seconds in the most accurate manner.

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ROBOCUT does totally unmanned, in-detail banding within unbelievable seconds of time span to achieve the highest level productivity and optimum safety in diamond cutting/sawing process.

As Stone processing time decreases significantly, overall production increases up-to 25% net. 5 ROBOCUT machines generates more production in compare of 6-7 traditional diamond cutting laser systems.

An entire stone setting process and crucial banding process is performed by a highly advanced, intelligent and quick working ROBOTCUT. Which, provides 100% accuracy in cutting performance hence more polished gain.

ROBOCUT, alone manages a crucial process of diamond processing with class and accuracy and speed without any human involvement. Which nullify the skilled operator dependency.

This modern era ROBOT is quite affordable for everyone in compare of the value it adds to the business.

ROBOCUT reduces stone setting time from 50-60 seconds to less than 5 seconds, this saves stone processing time with a great margin.